“I loved Ludie and he was the first man I loved. Therefore, I had to go and copy myself forever afterward. What I did was to marry off little pieces of Ludie whenever I come across them. It was just my misfortune they all turned out to be the wrong pieces. My intention was to repeat me and Ludie. Now don’t you see?”

– Berenice Sadie Brown in Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding

‘Obviously, raising the voice compels attention and incites fear, but was she bold? Did I want to be bold like her? What shade of bold was I after?’

– Deborah Levy, Hot Milk

‘What is she doing standing so close to me?
“I am Sophie, but Sofia is my Greek name.”
“How do you do, Zoffie?”
The way she says my name is like a whole other life. I’m ashamed of my sad white flip-flops. They have turned grey in the summer.’

– Deborah Levy, Hot Milk

‘He did not seem to know enough about the people in his novel. They did not seem to trust him. They were all named, more or less, all more or less destined, the pattern he wished them to describe was clear to him. But it did not seem clear to them. He could move them about but they themselves did not move. He put words in their mouths which they uttered sullenly, unconvinced.’

– James Baldwin, Another Country